Falling again

I had an event in Convergys February this year. It was the day before Hearts’ day and that day was the day I felt my heart beat once again.

He has dark complexion, has a nice sweet smile, has sense of humor. He spoke so well and knew what he was saying. He did great with his presentation. He was touchy, he liked tapping my shoulder. He was thoughtful. He even offered me (well, my team) snacks. He was simple. He was simply likable.

I melted after hearing his voice.
I melted again when he blinked those attractive eyes.
I melted the third time when he stretched those muscles in his face, showed his teeth and smiled.
When he approached me, smiled and shook my hand, I died!

That day I knew he was my newest crush.

Good thing he is a loyal client (Microsoft)! My officemate recalled his name when I showed her his picture I stolenly took using my phone. The only thing that I forgot to ask him was the most important thing…his name.

Yesterday, I saw him and worked with him again. And again, my heart beats.

I got no sleep and was really tired but I got tons of energy to get my job done. Wonder where I got this energy from? Well, he inspired me.

I took every single chance to get closer to him.

The way he looked at me was priceless. His stares were full of emotions. He made my butterflies in my stomach fly…again.

The day before hearts’ day I said,
He is straight and has no ring!

Today, I say:
He is straight and has no ring…but he is in an eight year romantic relationship.

And the question is:
Why do I always fall for the wrong person?

Christmas Gift

This is the Christmas gift I never gave you.

Look closer and you’ll see your name engraved on it. Just like this thing inside my chest. The only thing written on it is your name.