When I thought it was over

It’s 3AM and I am writing this. Yes, these are my thoughts at 3 in the morning when 70-80% of the city’s population is asleep including the kid and the young lady sharing the bed with me. It’s a silent night. I am in a blank wordpress page trying to put all these feelings into words, new set of earphones fit perfectly, volume’s up, ┬áplaying Adele, Sara Bareilles, Regina Spektor songs on repeat, eyes begin to water, strong emotions are welling up.

I am writing down the first things my head tells me. I am posting a blog that I will probably regret. PS, I am not drunk.

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Come here…

Wine’s ready
Fire has been lit
Let’s watch the sun as he descends below the horizon
Let’s wait until the stars come out and the night falls
Let’s cuddle under the soft blanket
as I share my story