An Open Letter – 7/27 – The Girl Who Makes Him Happy

Hi! I don’t know how to introduce myself to you properly. I never had an idea what I was to him or what we actually were. Yeah, maybe “friends”.

Ok so let’s start it over.

Hi! I was his friend! I am happy for him because like any other person in this world, he deserves to be happy.

He deserves a relationship that is going to work. I know you will both make it work.

He deserves long and meaningful conversations when you’re travelling together. He likes talking to people…to very special people.

He deserves a free -bike tutorial. He wants to learn how to. Start with a bike with balancers. 🙂

He deserves a good food when you are on a date because he will never get over with disgusting foods. He will never move on.

He deserves a manga as a birthday present, and o he deserves a sumptuous, candlelight birthday dinner. (Paano yun may kasunduan kami na kami ang magkadate during our birthday? Ok lang ba sayo?)

He deserves a pat on the back when he’s feeling upset. He is moody and hmm weird at times. 🙂

He deserves a tap on the shoulder when he’s down. PMS is not only experienced by girls.

He deserves to be satisfied (bahala ka na kung anong meaning ng “satisfaction” na yan sayo).

He deserves a spotlight when he’s dancing to his favorite Nsync song. He also deserves not to be laughed at while dancing!

He deserves warm and tight goodnight hugs.

And sweet and soft good morning kisses.

He deserves to hear that “Hello” from the end of the telephone line. He deserves to hear that actual voice.

He deserves quick replies to his viber messages.

He deserves every I Love You in the world!

I know how much love he would be willing to give. And he deserves that kind of love too.

You might think that this letter is about him. No. Not exactly. This open letter is for the girl who makes him happy and that is you. Thank you for reading this and thank you for making him happy. 🙂 Believe it or not, I am happy for you both.

His Friend