Ito ang unang beses na sumubok akong magsulat ng reverse poetry.

​Gising na ako!
Ay natapon
Higupin na habang mainit
Nagustuhan mo?
Sinarapan ko
Yang pagtimpla ng barakong kape mo

An open letter – 14/27 – People Who Want to Exis Me In Their Life


Marami naman talaga akong kapalpakang ginawa na sa buhay ko. I remember hearing my director saying, “DAWN, SA SAMPUNG GINAWA MO LABING ISA ANG MALI.” Pero bumawi naman siya, hindi man niya sabihin ng diretso, alam kong proud siya sakin dahil magaling ako sa isang bagay…I’m good at handling friendship, and yes, OUR friendship can be the BEST-EST example.

We’ve been great friends for 9 long years. Siguro naman testament na ‘yun ng pagiging “GOOD FRIEND” ko.

Matindi ako magmahal ng kaibigan. Sinasabi ko sa’yo. Grabe ko sila i-spoil. Pwede mo nga ako mamisinterpret minsan. I am a good friend, I know.

I am a good friend.
a good friend.
good friend.
good friend.
a good friend.
I was a good friend.


Aminado naman akong most of the time, I am hard to handle. Ang hirap-hirap kong dalhin. Oo, mabigat. I am sorry. I feel sorry. Ganun na nga siguro kaya I keep pushing people away…out of my life. Alam ko napapagod na sila. Pasensiya na. Pasensiya na kayo. Ngayon, sa sampung ginawa ko, labing dalawa na dun yung mali.

It is sad to know that the thing I knew I was best at…I now suck at.

I suck at relationships! Tangina ko kasi.

An open letter – 13/27 – The Boy Who Left With No Traces

6…7 hours has passed
6…7 hours of hell
I am lying just exactly where you left me
I was playing with myself alone

It’s half-past midnight
I’m staring at the clock
Its tick and tock makes my heart race
But the squeaking of the door
Gets me off frantically

You are here again.
I am glad you came.
Now, I am trying to remember everything about you
Everything about us,
And our own sultry nights.
We still have until dawn.
Let’s make the most of this time.
When it’s daylight you can just leave
And walk away without trace.

That’s too quick!
I wanna get drowned to that smell.
It is not the linens
Nor your perfume.
It’s the smell of your breath,
An angel’s breath.
Cover me with kisses
But not with love marks, honey.

You, macho!
Your skin color is but perf!
I enjoy tracing the patterns of that ink on your chest.
“A mother’s love”
You don’t need to explain.
I know what it means exactly.

Slide down this black dress,
As I brush your hair up.
Gently then roughly then firmly
Caress me sensually.

Are my thighs soft?
My bosoms are smooth, too.
I give you unlimited access
But get your hands off my chest
I mean, off this little pumping thing inside my chest.

I don’t wanna know what your day was like.
Shut up.
But I wanna hear you moan.
Do not stop.

It always feels like the first time.
I’m making it feel like it is.
Don’t get me wrong
I’m not faking it.

You make me smile
As you press your length up to mine
And as you tug me a little closer,
I let it all out.
Everything, everything out

It’s exhausting but it’s fun!
It is always fun!
THANK YOU -is perfectly fine
Let’s not fall into that trap.
Let’s stop when we’re both done.