Everything with you is a dream. Ayokong lumabas ka sa panaginip ko at maging parte na ng realidad ko. In my dream I can control everything. Walang hurt. Hindi ka masisira sa paningin ko. Hindi ako masasaktan. Hindi tayo mag-aaway. Because you know, we always have this love-hate / bitter-sweet relationship. Don’t say that I am putting you on a pedestal. Hindi eh. Hindi naman ganun.

I guess I am still dreaming. There’s a feeling that I don’t want to wake up from this dream…I don’t want this to end.

But there’s a bigger real world that is waiting for me. I am no princess and I have no kingdom. In the world that is real, white horses can not fly. Knights are just fictional characters. And in reality, I have to be my own hero.

I know one day I would not have to go back to sleep because reality would be better than my dreams.


You know I always have this long unsent message for you. I always wanted to know how you’ve been. I always wanted to say I Miss You.