Little One

Will you hold on?

Will you stay with me?

Should our hearts beat together?



“You know I had a dream last night. It was weird. In my dream, I was writing his name on every place that reminds me of him. I carved his name into that tree. I placed a sticker with his name on that car. I wrote his initials on that couch. Then I woke up. I woke up with my hands stained with ink.”

“Get up! Go ahead and erase that name on your chest!”

Worship Wednesday Playlist 0003

This time, I want to share my favorite Filipino Catholic Mass Hymns.

3. I Will Sing Forever
Artist: Bukas Palad Music Ministry
Album: Prayers For Thanksgiving
Released: 2017

You fill the world with Your life-giving spirit
That speaks Your word
Your word of mercy and of peace

Maikli lang yung buong lyrics niya. The word “dawn” is there pa nga eh. (luh. conyo). I like this kasi napapakinggan, sasabayan mo tong kantang to kapag tapos na yung misa habang nag papalakpakan na yung mga tao at nagmamano na yung mga bata sa mga matatanda kasi pauwi na. 🙂 Naging automatic na yun kapag ending na ng mass. “Mag-bless ka sa kapatid ng kapitbahay natin! Bagong dating yan galing states.” Nakakatawa yung mga nanay talaga. 🙂

Ang sarap niya sabayan kasi lahat ng tao nakangiti, ang sarap niya kantahin kasi sabi sa lyrics “I WILL SING FOREVER OF YOUR LOVE”

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